Advantages Of Pegeot Web Site

Advantages Of Pegeot Web Site

Authority: official web site of Peugeot for UK. Provides information on the firm that designed the web site for Peugeot.
Currency: the pound is used, as it is the UK site. (
Coverage: the web site covers all information a visitor might be looking for.
?· Peugeot range of cars and vans
?· Dealers contact information
?· Accessories and equipment
?· Financial services
?· After sales services
?· Cars for disabled people
?· Links to used Peugeot cars
?· Links to hire Peugeot cars
?· Offers the opportunity to design your own Peugeot car
?· Ability to register to receive information on your car
?· Tax calculator
?· Links to Peugeot insurance
Usability: the site is easy to use and provides links for contact details and for the site map in all of its pages.
Discover Peugeot
Choose your Peugeot
Peugeot services
My Peugeot

> Dealers > The Peugeot range > About Peugeot > Recruitment > Motability > Peugeot Fleet
> CO2 information

> New cars and vans > Used cars > Peugeot Financial Services
> Accessories > Peugeot Insurance Center > After sales
> New users > Log-on > My homepage preview
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Design the Peugeot of your dreams.
Aesthetic: the

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