Women In The Workplace

Women In The Workplace

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Women in the Workplace
Today more and more women are getting higher positions in the office. As the years have passed women have also been treated more fairly in the workplace. It is important that this trend continues to grow. Women as managers are very beneficial to firms and corporations. The percentage of women managers is directly related to firm performance.
In the article by Susan Cordeiro and James Sites there are many topics discussed. Women managers are important to the performance of organizations. The economic results provide strong initial evidence that gender diversity in managerial ranks makes a positive difference. This diversity reinforces legal and moral necessities. Female careerists still have some obstacles in their paths but this is one that is not so big anymore. This research suggests that firms? performances increase in direct line with the percentage of female managers that they employ. This information also suggests that a diverse work force reduces costs, and increases productivity. It may also have benefits for competitive advantage in international competition. Some of this research extends above the fact that women managers hold promise for improvement in the workplace. It appears that the impact that women have, reaches across industries

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