My Secret Life As A Snob

My Secret Life As A Snob

My Secret Life As a Snob . . .

I say that I am not a snob, that I am not snobby in any way, but that is just my cover. It is the mask that I wear while putting on a sharde of acceptance. My mask is happy, bright and smiley, the charade I put on is fun, outgoing and friendly. Deep down I am really one of the biggest snobs you will ever meet. I judge people on site, deciding right then whether I like them or not. Rarely do I give a person a chance or change my opinion about them. I am a rare breed of snob though, I am a snob-hating snob and I am hating snobs undercover. I am like a secret agent, hiding under a mask. I am stealth mode and have never been discovered until now, when I unveil myself and reveal my true stuck-up, snobby and judgmental self.

As I watch these walking advertisements for Abercrombie and Fitch promenade through out my school, creating large Abercrombie and Fitch packs in the hallways, I judge them. I judge them because their

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