Big Lleagues

Big Lleagues


In a part of Brooklyn lived the parents of a young man by the name of Austin. Although some parts of Brooklyn are very up scale Mr. and Mrs. Cadwell wanted what all parents want for their children and that is to grow up in the best area possible being they say we are a product of our environment. The Cadwells moved to a town in eastern Long Island so their only son would have the opportunity to grow up in the fashion they always wanted. The school district was the best in the country. The neighborhood was a very classy with no house smaller than five thousand square feet not to mention located atop a bluff overlooking the water. The big move took place in the middle of the summer allowing time to settle in, make friends and prepare for the school year that begun in September. Austin had everything going for him accept for his own identity, he only had what his parents desired.
September soon approached and the time to go to school was right around the corner. The kids on the block were looking forward to seeing everyone again all

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