Annoying as a Mosquito

Annoying as a Mosquito

Annoying As A Mosquito

To most people and alarm clock can be an object of joyful noise awakening them to an exciting new day. To me an alarm clock is more like an annoying mosquito flying around my head waiting for that right moment to strike its unsuspecting prey. The repetitive beeping of the alarm clock compares to that of the bothersome sound a mosquito makes when it is buzzing around one?s ear. The irritating noise can almost drive one to the brink of insanity.
Sitting on top of my mild, ivory-colored dresser, my alarm clock, with its bold black body and luminous numbers, almost like glaring, green eyes staring constantly at my every move during the day, I can?t help but think that it is only plotting against me. I know that when I least expect it, this agitating creature will whir once again. When that happens, I strike the oddly shaped buttons on top of its head with my hand a couple of times, and it pretends to be dead. But just when I think I?ve won the buzzing battle, my enemy sneaks up behind my other ear and comes back to life again with

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