HP Amazon

HP Amazon

Amazon.com is an online retail company that sells books, toys, CDs, DVDs electro-domestic equipment and many other products. Its services are primarily directed towards the consumer ? the individual who goes online and uses the Amazon.com site in order to find a product.

Since 1999 HP has been a main component in Amazon.com?s IT infrastructure, the tremendous success of which is partially due to its very high availability record. So when the company decided to expand its data warehouse to meet current and future growth, they naturally came to their trusted partner, HP.

But there is much more to this story. At Amazon.com the data warehouse is the center point of all its data ? including order, client and stock data ? that supports the user?s analysis. Consequently, the data warehouse is connected to almost all of the company?s systems.

Two large HP Superdome servers are at the heart of Amazon.com?s data warehouse. Each Superdome executes a large Oracle database. One of these is used by the assembly area and is connected to 17 Virtual Array 7100s. This server prepares the data so that it can be used in reports. The second Superdome is the data warehouse itself and is

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