Analysing Ads

Analysing Ads


The big idea of this intimate advertisement is to invite people to try & enjoy Starbucks? new product offering – one that allows consumers to get the Starbucks experience at home.

The art is a key factor. The coffee colours of the ad are also Starbucks? colours. The inviting cup of coffee is the foreground and coffee beans the background of the picture. The angle of the cup allows the viewer to see the extremely luscious looking coffee in the cup, and we associate the coffee with the beans. The patchwork effect of the ad and the typewritten font all support the novelty and freshness of the idea.

The benefit & news headline is in the leading position in the ad. It contains the key word of ?Fresh?, meaning something new is being offered, hints at what the product is, evokes excitement and sets the tone and mood of the ad. ?Starbucks? in the headline utilises the brand?s selling power to the maximum and attracts the readers? attention. Also, I surmise from the use of Starbucks in such a prominent way that this advertisement?s target market and audience is any Starbucks patron.

The subhead ?Our coffee ? your house? below the coffee cup

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