WalMart Retail Giant

WalMart: Retail Giant

This August, I will celebrate my four-year anniversary of my being employed by the World?s largest retailer. Since 1996, I have worked for Wal-Mart Store #1404, in Lake Zurich. I have worked in most of the different departments and have a fairly vast knowledge of the store. The next rung on the ladder would be for me to become a department manager and then try to become a management trainee, and finally an assistant manager.
When I stressed my interest in retailing, it was suggested that I use my job background and write about Wal-Mart. More specifically, ?Has Wal-Mart gotten too big? At first it seemed like an easy paper to write, I could rely on my time there and what knowledge I had of the store. I soon realized that while I knew a lot about Wal-Mart at a store level, I was clueless when I tried to look at it from both the retailing and corporate point of view. If I chose to write this paper based on my own my own experiences, I knew that this paper would be a biased point of view of the company. To truly answer the question posed,

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