War On Our Economy

War On Our Economy

?War On Our Economy?

The flag that stands for freedom still stands! But what does not stand any longer is the Twin Towers in New York. On September 11, 2001, terrorism hit the United States not with missiles, but our own airplanes. Terrorists took control of aircrafts on this sad day and flew them into the Pentagon and Twin Towers leaving many dead and the rest of us crippled.
Three major indicators of economic conditions are 1) the gross domestic product (GDP), 2) the unemployment rate, and 3) the price indexes. Unemployment jumped a half-point to 5.4 percent in October and will reach to 6 percent in coming months. Even the most common job openings like McDonald?s took down the signs ?Now Hiring.? Airlines took the hardest fall. Indianapolis alone had 300 layoffs. September alone carried over 150,000 layoffs for this country. Fortunately, layoffs have slowed to a trickle, but Bruce Steinberg, chief economist at Merrill Lynch in New York, say profits are likely to plumb post-World War Two lows in the fourth quarter, and the job cuts are far from over.
That being said, there?s no question were being hurt by the terrorist attacks. Production is centered on the ability to anticipate

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