Theodore Roosevelt Man For The New Century

Theodore Roosevelt: Man For The New Century

I definitely think that Theodore Roosevelt was one of the five greatest presidents of the United States. Somehow he did a lot of work in a number of different areas, such as business/labor relations, business/railroad regulation, food and drug laws, environmental regulation, internationalism, (in some cases) peaceful foreign relations, and all this as a jubilant and charismatic character.

Roosevelt attacked trusts (big business corruption) and enforced the Sherman Antitrust Act. When Roosevelt came into office, the business world was dominated by exceedingly wealthy men who held firm control over their domains often in horizontal and/or vertical monopolies. He believed that government should regulate business but not control it. Roosevelt relied at first on the public reaction to the investigative journalism uncovering corrupt business practices. Later he employed the Sherman Antitrust Act in busting trusts.

Roosevelt helped make advancements in business/labor relations with his ?Square Deal.? When miners went on strike demanding better wages, 8-hour work days, and a unionized workforce, their employers refused. This resulted in rising coal prices and a coal shortage. The public and even many industrialists urged the company to fulfill the miners? requests. The company still refused. Roosevelt invited the company and miner representatives to discuss the issue

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