Institution V. Innovation

Institution V. Innovation

What characteristics define and delineate American versus French culture A good way to understand this question can be found by looking at the businesses that characterize the two seperate societies, and in particular, the imports and exports that the two countries send between one another. What American products do the French use, and what French products do the Americans use By analyzing these questions, one can understand the nature of culture and business in the two societies. In addition, a case study of a charictaristically French product, sparkling wine, may underscore the differences between the preferences of Americans and those of their French counterparts. By understanding the nature of the two nationalities, their tastes and their specialties, businesses can more efficiently design and prepare import/export plans for the two countries and their people.


When one thinks of French products, what comes to mind Often some defining characteristics of French culture are commodities such as wine, perfume, cheese, and other such items of taste, tradition, culture, and enjoyment. France, with over 57 million hectoliters produced in 2000, by far represents the world?s largest producer of wine and the world?s second largest wine exporter in the world (slightly behind Italy). The country has

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