The Secret Affairs Of Mildred Wild

The Secret Affairs Of Mildred Wild

Title: The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Type of Book: Classic Fiction
Author: Paul Zindel Number of Pages: 135
Publisher: James Mecroy

The main theme of my story was, ?Although things are not always what they seem, never lose hope?. The author portrayed this to me in many ways. First, just being the way the story line went. Mildred from the start always dreamed that she would be some big star. Then at the end when it all didn?t work out, she didn?t lose hope. There were times when she had doubts and even times when she was really saddened by the whole situation. Soon though, she was fine. The biggest part in which the theme was portrayed to me was when, Mildred entered the homemakers contest, won, and then her prizes turned at to be nothing but a joke. Mildred had been sending in the postcards to when for a long time and when

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