Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

The Second Coming Vs. Things Fall Apart

The book Things Fall Apart , by Chinua Achebe , is very similar to the poem , “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats. A comparison of “The Second Coming” to Things Fall Apart will show many corresponding aspects between both of these literary masterpieces.

Seeing the line “Things fall apart” in the poem , Achebe makes an outstanding association. At this point in time he says to himself, “I should name my book Things Fall Apart , It will show the main idea of the book.” One of the many coinciding concepts between the two is the daunted apprehension of both the poem and the book. In Things Fall Apart it seems like whenever the main character, Okonkwo, gains hope things happen to fall apart . The contents of “The Second Coming” told of a chaotic world and a base that could not hold because of its own inner conflicts. In Addition to the synonymous feeling both the book and the poem give, they both expose a great shift from and old era to a new era. “The Second Coming” reveals an apocolypse. Yeats shows this change by describing the conversions our world,

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