Wide Area Networks & Standards

Wide Area Networks & Standards


Wide Area Networks & Standards 2

1a) Dial-Up 2
1b) Cable Modem 3
2) Switching 4
3) Routers 6
4) WAN Standards 7

Data Communications Assessment 2

Wide Area Networks & Standards

1a) Dial-Up

A wide area network connects LANs that are typically separated by great distances. The best-known example of a WAN is the Internet itself. A smaller-scale example is a network that connects a companys corporate headquarters with branch offices in other cities. What the Internets greatest achievements for me is; being able to communicate with people from all over the world, share knowledge and to have escapism from everyday life.

In many homes today people have Internet access. Dial-up modems are able to give the average person with a home computer access to the largest library in the world, something that was mainly for companies or the rich. Now as it becomes common technology, it has also become commonplace in peoples homes and very affordable.

For dialup Internet access, your modem is a crucial link in connecting to the Internet, but with so many types and speeds, choosing one can be difficult. The 28.8 and 33.6 Kbps modem standards push your analogue voice phone line to its limits. Transmitting voice communications over phone lines isn all that demanding, the odd hiss, crackle, or

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