Autoparts Sales & Inventory Management Data Model

Autoparts Sales & Inventory Management Data Model

Abstract / Introduction:

The selling of automotive aftermarket replacement parts is both a retail enterprise selling
to consumers and a wholesale operation selling parts to repair shops and other resellers.
In consideration of the diverse customer base, this data model will be developed so that sales of auto parts either retail or wholesale can be recorded and tracked electronically.
In addition, stock inventory levels will be monitored electronically with this model and an automated stock replenishment mechanism implemented.
Due to time constraints this model will be a stripped down version only pertaining to the
sales and inventory functions. The current design does allow for further development and the addition of other components.

Since the heart of an auto parts store is in its inventory of parts we will begin with an
explanation of how the inventory is managed. By the use of the MinQuantity field in the
Inventory table the system will be able to indicate a low stock level once the quantity in
stock is equal to or less than the minimum quantity specified by the MinQuantity attribute. At this point a View for Inventory can be generated to display inventory items whose quantity levels are below their specified minimum. This Reorder_View can be used by the

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