The Value Of A College Education What Is It Really Worth

The Value Of A College Education What Is It Really Worth


What is the value of a college education Many have asked that question over the years when they are considering pursuing their degree whether as a student leaving high school or the adult learner completing their degree. The question becomes even more prevalent as the cost of a college degree continues to increase. There are many reasons why people put value on a college education. John Immerwhar (2002) states, ?In the view of most Americans, it?s very important for individuals to receive a higher education. Preparation for jobs and career is seen as the primary role for higher education?? (p.vii). The value of a college degree for many is based upon the ability for advancement in the workplace, monetary value, and to show future and present employers your dedication and commitment.

The Value of a College Education
What is it Really Worth
The value of a college education is greatly dependant upon how the individual feels regarding further education. There are also views that their family instills upon them as to its value. Today in America, most individuals feel that a degree is a key factor to their success. There are also other

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