Change Analysis

Change Analysis


Change can be a difficult task in any situation. To change an integral part of one?s belief system and cultural values is a tough task regardless of the situation. Trying to change a people?s attitude towards a custom can be accomplished, if the right kinds of techniques are being used. The people of this Peruvian village do not fully understand the reasons that Nelida and the Health Service are giving for them to change their ways, and therefore this makes it harder to get them to change their ways. A major issue that needs to be dealt with in this case is the education of the people of the village to show them the harm that is caused to them by drinking the unsanitary water and the benefits that would be gained by using the sanitized water. Another issue is that the belief system directly contradicts the method of intervention that Nelida is attempting to use to change the ways of the village people. By introducing either a new method of change, or a new type of intervention it may be easier to come to the desired result of sanitary water in the village.
In many ways, Nelida?s approach to the

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