Correlation And Analysis Of A House Price Survey

Correlation And Analysis Of A House Price Survey


For the purpose of this assignment, I intend to use the data set provided to examine the house prices from the survey of five towns and then in turn analyse the effect that other factors such as a garage or house size can have on price.
Secondary I intend to examine whether regional location affects the price of a range of properties by sourcing information on average house prices from the Land Registry Office.


The method by which I intend to complete this assignment is analysis of the data provided through the means of suitable software applications. While the Minitab application (release 13) will be the only software used for the actual analysis, both Minitab and Microsoft Excel will be used to correlate data and present the data in graph form.


To complete the given assignment it will be necessary to consider five main points, which are:

? The overall distribution of house prices in the five towns surveyed.
? The proportion of house with garages in the five towns surveyed.
? The effects of the addition of a garage on property prices.
? The effects of the factors of size and distance on property prices.
? The effect of regional location and house type on house prices

The Overall Distribution of House

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