The Future Of IBM

The Future Of IBM

The Future of IBM

IBM and many of it?s subsidiaries have announced in a press conference their collaborate effort in acquiring the web through voice command. For example: Airlines input on retrieval times through this very same voice command instead of, ?press (1) for flight times,? button. As a result of this certainty, IBM was part of a standard for voice-web access called, Voice XML.

Meanwhile, IBM will uncover the technical details behind the Power PC405LP, a microchip that will enable them to honor a circuitry for allowing speech recognition. Computer visionaries have often spoken on the future of individuals accessing databases by talking to computers that can comprehend the syntax and language context behind the words spoken. Richard Doherty, director of research for the Invisionering Group said, ?When you try to do speech recognition on a palm or a pocket PC you are turning everything else off.?

In addition to the voice command achievement IBM is also introducing the Oakridge Lab, which

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