Competencies Within The Workplace

Competencies Within The Workplace

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Research Prospectus

Competencies can play a critical role in institutional viability, especially as institutions link them to skills needed in today?s workplace. It is important to develop of an effective competency framework to provide the opportunity for organizational and individual growth. To be effective in the development of workplace and managerial skills, they must reflect the current estimated needs of the organization. It is critical for management to identify the core competencies of the company, and ensure that the competencies required by managers are adequate and appropriate. Competent people are the key to future success and offer organizations their only sustainable competitive advantage.

Purpose of the study:
At the turn of the new century, the economy was strong, unemployment was low, and the workforce was growing. These signs disprove a new reality, however. A new form of unemployment is developing, one characterized by a surplus of people who lack competencies necessary to fill available jobs. I am trying to find out a way for companies to understand and implement the need and importance of competencies, in order to have a well-run organization. I am interested in this area

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