Song Of Solomon

Song Of Solomon

Song of Solomon

Macon “Milkman” Dead – the protagonist of the novel. He is a young African-American man who begins trying to escape from family ties and ends by embracing them.

Macon Dead – Milkman?s father. He is a landlord of poor housing.

Pilate Dead – Macon?s sister. She sells wine.

Guitar Baines – Milkman?s best friend. He is one of seven men– called the Seven Days–who kill random European Americans in retaliation for murders of African Americans. In the end he tries to kill Milkman.

Robert Smith – the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance agent
who tries to fly from the top of Mercy hospital to the other side of
Lake Superior. One of the Seven Days.

Ruth Foster Dead – Milkman?s mother.

First Corinthians – Milkman?s sister.x

Magdelena Dead – Milkman?s sister, who is called Lena.

Freddie, the janitor – a man who works for the Deads. He is the one who names Ruth?s son Milkman. He is the unofficial town crier.

Mrs. Bains – Guitar?s grandmother who asks Macon Dead for an extension on her rent.

Porter – one of Macon Dead?s tenants. He goes crazy and cries out his window for a woman to have sex with.

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