Sun Also Rises (Lack Of Heroes)

Sun Also Rises (Lack Of Heroes)

The Sun Also Rises
Lack of Heroes

In most novels we see protagonists and antagonists, those that strive for a good common goal, and then those that serve no purpose but to get in the way of that goal. We observe heroes, people that surpass the normal standards of a human being. Heroes stand out, and posses certain redeeming qualities that make them admirable, they ride off into the sunset, they always get the girl, and they are the people we sometimes wish we could be like. But in Ernest Hemmingway?s The Sun Also Rises, there appears not to be anyone that rises above the rest. This point is well illustrated in ?A Hard Day?s Knight?, where it is said that ?There isn?t one character who stands out enough, or for any significant period of time, to merit the label of ?a hero??(1). Its difficult to find any person that could fit that title, especially in the five basic characters that include Jake, Brett, Mike,

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