Along Came A Spider

Along Came A Spider

The story Along Came a Spider by James Patterson is set in Washington D.C. during the late 1990?s. This setting is vital to the plot of the story sense D.C. is a place filled with politicians.

Narrative Manner-
This story is told through the eyes of Alex Cross, Gary Soneji, and Maggie Ross along with a few others. This first person narrative manner helps us comprehend how the criminal, victim, and officer think in a kidnapping situation.

There are many colorful characters in this story, but the two character that play the most important role in this book are Alex Cross and Gary Soneji. Alex Cross is a black detective with a family of two children and his Mother. He lives and works in the ghettos of D.C. and is also one of the most respected detectives in the area. Gary Soneji is a math teacher at a school for children politically or socially elite. Highly favored by the students he is often called “Mr. Chips”. He is white and in his late thirties also he harbors a brilliant mind. He becomes important to the story when he kidnaps Maggie Ross.

The story begins with a brief look at Soneji?s thoughts and plans. After

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