Scarlet Letter Analysis

Scarlet Letter Analysis

Method of Character Development:
In this novel the character development, other than that of character
Hester Pyrnne, seemed rather bland, and well undeveloped. You could open the book on
any given random page, and chances are, Hester was being described one way or another.
Her status and personality were constantly updated. She was the main character, but I
felt some of the others needed further work. Or at least not so brief introductories. For
example, Reverend Wilson was brought up and seemed to be quickly forgotten as the
story would continue on to dedicate what seemed to be chapters to Pearl and Hester. It
appeared that the main method of character development was indeed Hester Pyrnne, and

Conflict and Conflict Resolution:
Throughout this story there seemed to be many a dilemma. But some of
the ones rather focused upon were those such as Hester vs. The Public. She had been
banned from the view of the public, and wonders how she can go on after being looked
down on so harshly. She must deal with the displeasure?s, and guilt of wearing the
scarlet A. She also seems to be very doubtful of her acceptance back into society.
Conversation with strangers was seldom

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