Alias Grace

Alias Grace


The book, Alias Grace, is the very first book I read in a long, long time. When I saw that it was 550 pages, I was thinking, ?How on earth will I ever be able to read this book in a month!? It didn?t really help me much reading the back cover and seeing that it was about a girl. ?Typical girly book? I thought! However, the mention of a crime made me interested.
I like the way that the author starts out the first chapter as the scene of the murder, and how every chapter in the books leads to this murder. The newspaper clippings were interesting too. I didn?t know that this was a true story, so reading those excerpts made me more interested in the book. Margaret Atwood wrote the book in a style that anyone would be able to read, there wasn?t any old English and the book was let me get to know the character better.
The book changed in the narrative form, every so often throughout the book. When Grace is talking to Dr. Jordan, you get the first person experience, such as, ?Today Dr.

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