The Last Paper

The Last Paper

In the case study ?The Late Paper,? Kim is the person most responsible for her failing

grade in Psychology 101. Ranked in order of descending responsibility are Philip, Arnold, Cindy,

Mary, and Professor Freud.

Kim may be smart in her psychology class but it doesn?t seem like she is as smart about

the responsibility she had. The only right thing she had done was finish the paper on time but

what good did that do when she still didn?t turn it in on time. Professor Freud told her students

that the term papers had to be handed to her no later then noon on December 18 and if

failed to do so then they had failed in the class course. Kim knew all this no matter what, she

should have known and turned it in on the day she had finished the paper. When her friend Cindy

had came and offered her to join her for an end-of-semester celebration, she should have kindly

told her that she had things to do and if they really wanted her to go then she had to first turn in

the term paper to her teacher and then they could be

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