The Indian In The Cupboard

The Indian In The Cupboard

Lynne Reid Banks?
The Indian in the Cupboard

If you were ever looking for a book about great adventures and a constant turn of events, The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Banks would be it. This is a fictional story of a young boy who brings to life a plastic indian through a magic cupboard. Omri (the main character) faces a big responsibility in taking care for this little man. Throughout the book Omri meets new plastic toys such as Boone the cowboy and Tommy Adkins the World War two medic. Banks uses her vivid imagination to keep the book quickly moving and full of excitement. Banks? story of plastic indians and cowboys coming to life displays her excellent writing ability, the most impressive point in this book was the attitude and amazingly life-like personality of the little toy men.

The story takes place in England in the mid 1980?s. Banks? starts the story at Omri?s birthday part where he receives the plastic indian figurine from his friend Patrick. He also receives a white wooden cupboard. After the party Omri takes the gifts up to his room. He notices that the cupboard has a keyhole

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