The Experience

The Experience

?The Experience?

By: Jill Tweedie

?Some day my prince will come?? The epigraph of this essay shows a girl?s childlike dreams, and an involved fantasy. Ironically as the essay progresses the reader is shown that the epigraph is but a bitter irony to a woman who found no refuge in love.
In the opening paragraphs Tweedie made reference to the intentions she had by writing ?The Experience?. She enlightens the reader to the fact that she is a white, now happily married, heterosexual female, born in one of the most fortunate parts of the globe, America. I would assume fortunate not only for the freedom America offers, but the fact that she had more of a chance to grow as a woman compared to women of other nationalities, which is still a prevalent fact today. Tweedie?s objectives were to show others her mistakes in love so they can learn from them.
The essay uses several allusions to properly portray the happenings in Tweedie?s life. On page 1258 Tweedie is giving insight into the life she led during her first marriage to a man old enough to be her father. In his eyes she was an innocent girl, respectable yet irresponsible, but when her

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