Karl Marx

Karl Marx

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The late 1800?s were a time period where new ideas, theories, and philosophies ran through the minds of many young people. Amongst them was a man by the name of Karl Marx. Known as a man of great integrity and intelligence, Marx was thought to be one of the greatest thinkers of all time. Karl Marx was born in the German Rhineland to a well-cultured family, one that was not revolutionary. As a young man he received a classical education. Marx entered the University of Berlin where he read law, majoring in history as well as philosophy. His years at the university were the time period that was a turning point in Marxs life. From his early school days, philosophy had been a subject that sparked interest in Karl Marx. He was greatly concerned with humans freedom and reviving the ancient concept of communism. The University of Berlin was where Marx had first become acquainted with the philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. What attracted Marx to Hegel was his “sur!
mounting of the characteristic difficulty of idealism.” However, when Marx was later introduced to the philosophies of Feuerbach, his thoughts completely changed. According to Feuerbach,”man has so far in history

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