David Livingstone Man Of Prayer And Action

David Livingstone: Man Of Prayer And Action

David Livingstone: Man of Prayer and Action:
By: C. Silvester Horne, M.P.

David Livingstone (Man of Prayer and Action) by C. Silvester Horne, M.P. is the exciting biography of David Livingston, a Scottish born missionary and explorer to Africa and the Lord?s stouthearted servant. Who in his youth, over came poverty and working in a factory for fourteen hours and going to school at night then in later years, working hard to become a missionary, which lead to cessation of slave trade and the opening up of Africa to Christianity and lawful commerce. This book takes place from 1813, when David Livingston was born, to May 1873,when he was found dead on his knees. Most of David?s life was spent in Africa, telling God?s good Word. After deciding to be a missionary and go to Africa, David learns how prayer is the most important thing in any Christian?s life. In fact, he did on his knees in prayer, now if there were any way I would want to die it would be talking to God. David Livingston was born March 19, 1813. He was born to a

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