Americanism to me means being proud of my country as a U.S citizen, as well as living in a democracy under the government?s power and authority. Our country today is under severe conditions in which we are at war. Because of this, it is my duty to continue to stay focused in college and complete all of my endeavors that I will achieve in the future. Therefore, I also must be aware of what goes on in our society and not have any fear, but to stay strong and live my life. I must also keep a positive mind and know that if it is our time to be taken away from this earth then only god knows what is best.

My generation is known as the ?Generation X? in which we are betrayed by the media and adults as unstable, unpredictable and lacking guidance for our future endeavors.

I as a student of Delaware State University, plan to continue to achieve my education and excel in all of my studies and receive good grades. So far, academically as a freshman of Delaware State, I have learned how to manage my time between school work and social life.

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