Pearl Of The Scarlet Letter

Pearl Of The Scarlet Letter

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Pearl, the living symbol of Hester?s sin of adultery is a very complex character. She is present in almost every scene with Hester, rarely by her side. However her character remains somewhat in the shadows at all times. She is difficult to understand, she is passionate and wild, and she does not obey any rules but those she wishes to. Her moods seem to change quickly, at times she seems as if she were put on earth to torment her mother for her acts of adultery. At other times she is sweet and loving of her mother. Pearl is said to ?react according to her particular feeling of the moment? possibly paralleling the passion of her mother and Dimmesdale. Hester describes Pearl as a ? face, fiend-like, full of smiling malice? I do not know if she sees Pearl as evil or possessed or rather just as wild and free. The people of the village sometimes refer to her in comparison to the devil, for she throws rocks at their children, says crazy things and had an awful temper.
The townspeople also look down upon Pearl because she is a child

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