A Good Man on Evil Strings

As Othello minded his own business, Iago, a greedy selfish man, plotted

Secretly behind his back because he wanted to be lieutenant instead of

Cassio. This shows one of the most important themes of Othello. Jealousy is

definitely shown clearly to be one of the greater issues held throughout the whole

story of Othello. Iago?s greed brought him to convince Othello to do wrong.

Othello was not the bad man; Iago was. Othello was only a puppet, but still a

good man. Whether or not he was a good man can be answered by the way it is

asked, the was he treated people, and the strings he was attached to

manipulating his every move.

?Is Othello a good man? This question can be answered differently

depending on different circumstances. If the question is asked as whether or not

Othello did bad things Yes, but then he did have proper reason behind his

actions. In his mind was he doing bad things No, to be a bad man, the man

would have to do wrong on purpose, to enforce wrongdoing as right. However,

Othello?s behaviors were influenced by a man who was not a good man

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