The Actions Of Eudora Welty?s ?A Worn Path?

The Actions Of Eudora Welty?s ?A Worn Path?

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Eudora Welty?s ?A Worn Path? has actions similar to the actions of a Phoenix. Phoenix Jackson is a old women walking through the woods to get to town for her grandson. Phoenix Jackson is intruded with so many obstacles ,but she keeps going on. A Phoenix is a bird that lived forever by regenerating itself. The similarities of Phoenix Jackson and a phoenix are shown in so many ways. Phoenix Jackson in ?A Worn Path? is worthy of her name through her background, description, and characteristics.
The background of a Phoenix reflect upon the background of Phoenix Jackson. ?The Phoenix is a bird that, according to legend, lived for hundreds of years, burned itself to ashes on a funeral pyre, and then rose from the ashes to live again?(312). Phoenix Jackson is similar in so many ways. She is a old women who feels like she lives forever like a Phoenix. Phoenix Jackson started her morning off just like a Phoenix. She always had her cane with her so she could tap the ground in front of her. According to the narrator, ?This made a grave and persistent noise in

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