Symbolism And Setting Of Everyday Use

Symbolism And Setting Of Everyday Use

In the short story, ?Everyday Use? by Alice Walker, there is much use of symbolism and setting throughout. The main characters are Mama and Maggie and Dee. There is a detailed contrast throughout the story between simple necessary objects and stylish objects. Mama and Maggie do not agree with how Dee interprets the value of certain objects within their lives. Dee only sees things for their superficial value. Walker tries to convey that the substance or core essence of an object or a person is far more important than the style.

Mama, the speaker within the story, is described as a ?large, big-boned woman with rough, man-working hands? (654). She also makes reference to being able to ?kill and clean a hog as mercilessly as a man? (654-5) these statements do not portray her as being the typical graceful, nurturing mother. She does however, enjoy doing many things. Mama and Maggie are both more interested in the practicality of objects around them more than anything else. However, Dee is superficial, paying much more attention to style and fashion. She doesn?t seem to have any hobbies which she enjoys. When Dee

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