Sethe The Life Of A Slave

Sethe: The Life Of A Slave

Sethe: The Life of a Slave

At the age of thirteen, Sethe was sold to Mr. Garner and his wife, Lillian, who ran a plantation in Kentucky. Sethe married a slave named Halle, even though all the other male slaves probably wanted her for his own. After reading this tragic slave story, being a slave was the least of Sethe?s worries. Her sanity is destroyed as the days go by on the ?Sweet Home? plantation.
?Pregnant every year including the year she sat by the fire telling him she was going to run? (9). Sethe managed to accumulate child after child while staying with the Garner?s?four children in all?Howard, Buglar, Beloved and Denver. Her life was a struggle?a struggle for her children. She did what she had to do in life so her children would not suffer when she was gone. After being held down by the schoolteacher?s nephews, she was determined to escape. She gave birth to Denver during the escape. She enjoyed twenty-eight glorious days of freedom before the slave catchers tracked her down. Sethe breaks down and tries to kill her children rather than allow them to be returned

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