Rocking Horse Winner

Rocking Horse Winner

Ashley E. Pearson

Live for money, die for money
Through our life, we all strive to be wealthy, important, and to be loved. The story, ?The Rocking Horse Winner?, written by D.H. Lawrence describes how a family relationship is affected by money, material gain and social position. Paul, the young son in the story, wants to be loved so much that he is willing to risk everything, even his life to try to earn his mothers? love.
At the beginning of the story, the family is not happy since money is a big issue with them. To be successful in the society in which they lived, you had to have a certain amount of luck to be rich. ?Why don?t we keep a car of our own Why do we always use Uncle?s or a taxi? ?It?s because your father has no luck? (Lawrence 588-589). Since Paul?s mother thinks that her husband and the children are not lucky, then therefore they are not rich in her eyes. Even though they live like they are rich, they are living a ?champagne taste on a beer budget?. She

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