Tom Robbins

Tom Robbins

A View of Tom Robbins
Tom Robbins life is a intriguing story of a writers development, thru many twists and turns. His life began in a small town called Blowing Rock, NC. This small town way of life and thinking would follow him throughout and reflect in his writings. He was quoted at saying:
?I was born with an active fantasy life which I refused to give up. I fostered it and lived in it. I never watched TV, the archenemy of imagination, but grew up on radio. While Blowing Rock was an excellent environment for a child, it wasn?t conductive to a rich intellectual or aesthetic experience (Edlin 1).?

However, Tom?s youthful rebellious nature showed itself when he was expelled from high school and was made to enroll in Hargrave Military Academy. After the academy, Tom gave college a try and attended Washington and Lee University in a attempt to find out who he wanted to be. But that experience only lasted him two years before he decided that college was not for him. Since college was over, he decided hitchhiking across the country would help answer some of the questions he had been seeking in his mind.

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