Malcolm X2

Malcolm X2


Malcolm X Timeline
May 19, 1925 – Born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska
1940 – Drops out of school at age 15
1946 – Convicted of burglary and sent to prison
1949 – 1951 – Studies the Nation of Islam
1952 – Leaves prison, dedicates himself to Nation of Islam, changes name to Malcolm X
Jan. 14, 1958 – Marries Betty X
Dec. 4, 1963 – Suspended from the Nation of Islam
March 1964 – Leaves Nation of Islam, starts the Muslim Mosque, Inc.
Apr. 22, 1964 – Makes his Hajj (holy pilgrimage) and becomes El-Hajj Malik al-Shabazz
Jun. 28, 1964 – Forms the Organization of Afro-American Unity
Jul. 17, 1964 – Speaks at the Organization of African Unity in Cairo
Aug. 13, 1964 – U.S. State and Justice Departments take notice of his influence on African leaders at the U.N.
Feb 21, 1965 – Al Hajj Malik assassinated in New York

Malcolm X was probably one of the most controversial elements in the civil rights movement. Malcolm X had become a member of the Nation of Islam in his earlier years. The Islamic faith borrows basic ideas from the orthodox teachings of Islam and combines them with

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