Genghis Kahn(first Person)

Genghis Kahn(first Person)

Genghis Khan

I am Genghis Khan. I was born on the bank of the Onon river, near the present day border between northern Mongolia and southern Russia, around the year 1167. My father, Yesugei, was a local chieftain of a Mongol tribe. A tribe that had long since lost its supremacy to the Tatar tribe. Genghis Khan is not my true name but a title given to me when the mogal alliances shifted declaring me their leader. But my true name is Temujin, named after a Tatar chieftain my father knew.
When I was nine I was taken to my mother?s tribe to find a bride. I was betrothed to borte, daughter of the chieftain. And according to custom , I left to live with my father-in-law at his village. But this did not last, because my father was killed and I was needed to take his place as chieftain.
My family and I where abandoned by our tribe due to a clan named the taichut whose leader aspired to take my

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