Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling

Position paper: Is Racial Profiling Justified in Certain Situations

To begin with, I believe that when a traffic stop is made simply based on race and color than this is wrong and a violation of an individuals rights. However, I believe that in some situations racial profiling is justified. Some even consider the act of racial profiling as a valuable and effective way to reduce crime.
When our national security is on the line, ?racial profiling? or more precisely, threat profiling based on race, religion, or nationality is justified. Last week the FBI came under fire for questioning Muslims in Seattle about possible terrorist ties. Where else are federal agents supposed to turn for help in uncovering terrorists plots How can people argue that profiling is offensive when prohibiting it jeopardizes our safety Profiling in certain situations must be done and we must consider the missed opportunities. In summer 2001, Phoenix FBI agent Kenneth Williams urged his bosses to investigate Muslim men whom he suspected of training in U.S. flight schools as part of terrorist missions. His superiors rejected him and FBI director, Robert Mueller, said the reason was that there

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