Franz Kafka?s: The Metamorphosis

In life there are many changes, some changes occur physically, and some occur mentally. When these changes occur they can either cause extreme satisfaction or extreme discomfort. In the book The Metamorphosis, change occurs in both mental and physical ways. The book is based on a man who by no fault at all changes his physical appearance in an awful manner. Leaving the emotional change much more hard to believe. The fact of the matter is that the family, which he worked for and provided for because of an economical loan, changed in a more horrific matter then he could ever have. I personally believe that the point he was making by the name metamorphosis was on how his environment changed rather then his physical appearance.
Gregor was the son of Herr and Frau Samsa and brother of Grete Samsa. Before Gregor?s unusual change, he had been a traveling sales man. He maintained this job because his parents had previously engaged in a loan with the boss of the company, and now Gregor was working for him to pay of they?re dept that would take him a couple of

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