Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings

Fellowship of Rings

The Fellowship of the Ring
(the lord of the rings part I)


Frodo Baggins – The main , a hobbit of exceptional character. He inherits the Ring from Bilbo and thus becomes the Ringbearer of the Fellowship. He is also an Elf-friend, knowledgeable in their language and a lover of their songs. Like Bilbo (or any other good hobbit) he loves good food and simple comforts, but he also has a strange, higher quality about him.

Sauron (also known as the Dark Lord) – The main . A servant of Morgoth (the Great Enemy), he took his masters place after the First Age. At the time of The Fellowship of the Ring, he has reestablished himself in Mordor and is preparing to launch a war on the West. He greatly desires the One Ring, which he created long ago and which holds a great part of his power.

Gandalf – One of the five great wizards in Middle-Earth, second in his order only to Saruman. Known to the hobbits only as a creator of fine fireworks, he is actually powerful beyond their imagination. His great task is the War of the Ring, and he is essential in

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