Lord Of The Flies

Lord Of The Flies

Although Lord of the Flies is a novel which explores some of the darker
aspects of human nature, I think there are many positive aspects of human
nature presented here too: Look closely at the characters and roles of Ralph
and Piggy, for example. Ralph displays qualities of leadership, wisdom,
compassion, courage and determination. Piggy is intelligent and loyal, and
although some of the other characters see him as a coward, he is actually
very courageous in the way he speaks out against Jack and his savagery: Look
at what he says in ?Castle Rock? just before his death; his death makes him
into a kind of tragic hero.

The Lord of the Flies? was published in 1954 – shortly after the end of the Second World War. During the war, which lasted for six years, millions had died and, it might be claimed, the darker sides of mankind?s nature had been revealed.
Golding?s novel shows a group of schoolboys who are stranded on an island, and most of them turn into savages, as the controls of civilisation have been removed. Many would prefer not to see children in this light (notice how the naval officer reacts at the end of the story), but perhaps Golding was

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