Lord Of The Flies

Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the Flies

How would a leader be defined According to Webster a leader is A person who leads others along a way: a guide. But William Golding author of Lord of the Flies seems to have different meanings of a leader and three characters are good examples of his type of leader: Ralph, Jack, and Piggy. These three leaders have proven to be leaders; each of them to a different extent but stills all showed leadership in different ways.

A leader is straightforward and does not seem like it can be confusing, but it can and is in this story. For example: Piggy is a whole different type of leader, one who isn?t the guide of his political party but still is an leader. His strengths are small but he was a leader.

Was Ralph a good leader Ralph showed the most leadership on the island. He had taken control from the beginning of the story. He steps up a democratic government; he tired to make things fair and tried his hardest to get rescued. Like a democratic government there is the problem of freedom, how much freedom do the kids on the island get When Ralph tried to put

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