Lifge Stories Of Undistinguished Americans As Told By Themse

Lifge Stories Of Undistinguished Americans As Told By Themselves

For those coming in to the United States, there was a belief that their migration would lead to a better life. Many immigrants believed that America was a land of opportunity, and that the streets would be paved with gold, yet, when they actually arrived in the country, things were much different then they had expected. Upon their arrival in to the United States, immigrants faced many hardships. Lack of jobs, lack of money, and a lack of knowledge of the English language all proved to be barriers that those immigrating in to the United States had to face. In the book, The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans as Told by Themselves, many of those issues were addressed. The common link that bonded all of the life stories together was the eagerness of the immigrants to come to the United States. For all of those profiled in The Life Stories? it seemed as if they all had great hope for the future. No matter how bad things got, it seemed as if there was always hope for a better tomorrow, a hope that kept them struggling to make a good life for

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