Lifes Sanctity. An Analysis Of ?Put Me Out Of My Misery, Sh

Lifes Sanctity. An Analysis Of ?Put Me Out Of My Misery, Shoot Me!? On Euthanasia

Life?s Sanctity
?Do you know what it?s like to be unable to scratch an itch or pull up a blanket Do you know the horror of ?living? with no sensory stimulation other than torturous pain for days upon days, weeks upon weeks, months upon months and years upon years? (Larsen 77) In ?Put Me Out of My Misery, Shoot Me!? by Ron A. Larsen, there is a very clear message supporting the need for legalized euthanasia. Larsen tries to convince the reader to support assisted suicide by using very explicit details in describing the suffering the old woman is experiencing. He is clearly a supporter of active euthanasia, where an overt effort is made to bring about death, such as administering a lethal injection. ?Push a needle into my veins; press a pillow to my face; put a bullet to my head-as an act of love? (Larsen 78). To make an active effort to put a person out of misery is very controversial, although I agree completely in the patience?s or patience guardian?s right to deny any medical treatment.
Proponents for euthanasia justify their case on the three moral principles of mercy,

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