Les Miserables

Les Miserables

Book Review for Les Miserables, by: Victor Hugo

?The book, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is a book of undeniable passion, a love of humanity, and freedom for one?s country. It celebrates, an amazing epic scale, the life of the poor people, the working class, and the condemned. It tells the story of an extraordinary fight for independence and happiness. And all of this is told through the classic words by Victor Hugo, whose style is a little self-conscious at times but none the less full of descriptive detail and eloquent writing. I believe the thesis is well written, because it pinpoints Hugo?s main theme of the novel.

A strong point in the novel is Hugo?s point of view. Not only does the book tell a fascinating and riveting story but Les Miserables is like a historical document of the rather miserable times of the 1800?s in France. It seemed to be a strange, rough, and uncertain time and the book fully exhibits this feeling. It was a time of revolution and new ideas, and Les Miserables is a book about a story surrounded by this revolutionary time. It fully engrosses the reader into

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