Leon Trotsky And George Orwell

Leon Trotsky And George Orwell

Leon Trotsky and George Orwell

Leon Trotsky?s real name was Davidovich Bronstein. He was born in Elisavetad, Russia on Nov. 7, 1879 and died Aug 20 1940. George Orwell?s characters come into similarities with Leon Trotsky?s life events. Big Brother, Winston, and O?Brien together have a little bit of Leon Trotsky characteristics in them. Orwell?s influence on Trotsky probably made him compare him to his character in 1984.
George Orwell?s 1984 character Winston comes into similarity with Leon Trotsky with his fatherly like love for O?Brien. Winston really doesn?t know anything about him, but has that feeling that O?Brien is in the Inner Party. Winston has so much hate for the government formed by Big Brother. Leon Trotsky relied on the proletarians to over-throw the capital. Although he had sided with the Mensheviks at the 1903 party split. He found his way to center himself between both the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks. Leon Trotsky and Linen were close together on their decisions, were as Winston looked up to O?Brien for advise about what he should do. Trotsky also compares to some of the events that accrued with Winston in the

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