Lord Of The Flies Journals

Lord Of The Flies Journals

Chapter 1:

Today was the weirdest day of my life. I just finished making my way through a jungle after I was in an airplane that was shot and crashed. It was storming, but now it?s a little nicer outside, and me and my buddy Piggy were just discussing the fact that we are all children here on this island, and there are no adults!! Actually, it was then that I discovered that Piggy was a geek, and neither I nor anyone else really liked him. I was elected chief then and my first big decision was to sent children out to investigate whether or not they are really on an island. This kid named Jack seems pretty cool, him and I are the oldest, and therefore the two main leaders. But? I am the King!

Chapter 2:

I decided that I should call another meeting. So I blew on the conch, and the littluns all came. It seems pretty fun being on this island so far, I?m sure enjoying it. But, I also had to take some charge. So I set out a few rules, and I really don?t care if anyone

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